College of the Canyons
Office of Student Development
Food Permit Form

Name of Organization:  
Person Responsible for Event:  
Position in Organization:  
Phone Number  
Date of Event:
Time of Event: From: To:
Nature of Event (Describe):  
Number of People Expected to Attend:  
Please describe the food that will be served:
Non-Perishable Food:
(Cookies, donuts, breads, muffins, cakes without custard or whipped cream icing or filling)
Perishable Food:
(Potentially hazardous foods may support the rapid growth of bacteria capable of causing food poisoning. Examples include but are not limited to: whipped cream, custard filled or iced cakes, poultry, pork or beef products, potato, macaroni, fish, or chicken salads, and meat, poultry, or fish sauces.)
Location food will be prepared:  
If purchased, name and address of supplier:  
How will perishable foods be stored during transit:  
How will perishable foods be stored during service:  
Name of Club or Organization:  
Name of Club or Organization Advisor:  
* You have 48 hours in advance to decline this event or it will be set up.
* This form must be filled out two weeks in Advance of Event.