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Interest Form (on campus opportunities)

Personal Information
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Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense? Yes  No

Includes convictions before military courts and driving under the influence (DUI). You do not need to include minor traffic violations. “Conviction” does not include any convictions which have been judicially dismissed or ordered sealed pursuant to law. A "Yes" answer will not automatically preclude you from consideration for employment. Failure to report convictions prior to the review of the position may jeopardize your assignment with the District.

California’s “Ban the Box” law does not apply to agencies required by law to conduct a background check. The Santa Clarita Community College District is such an employer. If ‘Yes’, please request an Applicant Conviction History Form from the Student Employment Office or click this link email to


Check all your interests: (Completing this form does not guarantee any placement opportunity.)

Business/Fiscal areas

Student / Community Resource areas

Student Services areas

Instruction/Academic areas


Please note this submission is for possible volunteering opportunities on campus.  There is no guarantee of assignment.  Thank you for your interest in the volunteer bureau.