TEACH Interest Survey

TEACH is for all people who are interested in a career in Education. TEACH members plan and provide workshops and activities that assist students in reaching their educational and vocational goals. TEACH will provide the opportunity to network with students, teachers and administrators from SCV school districts. You will also have the opportunity to participate in many workshops and activities to get you ready to teach!

We would like to get your opinion regarding each of the following statements.
  Yes No
1. Have you ever been encouraged by a counselor or teacher to pursue teaching as a career?
2. Have you ever seriously considered teaching as a career?
3. Would you be more willing to pursue a teaching career if you could complete your teaching and
    credentialing in the Santa Clarita Valley?
4. Please indicate the education level(s) you are interested in teaching (Mark all that apply).
(7-8) (2 or 4 year)
(K-6) (9-12)
5. Please indicate the subject area(s) you would be interested in teaching (Mark all that apply).
6. Please indicate the types of TEACH workshops you are interested in attending. (Mark all that apply)
7. How did you learn about the TEACH program? (Mark all that apply)
     Staff or Students
The following questions are intended to obtain demographic data:
8. Please indicate your gender.
9. Please indicate Race/ethnicity.
10. Please indicate the response that best describes your relationship with COC. (Mark only one)
(first semester at any college) (not concurrently enrolled) (currently enrolled at a 4-year university)
(attended COC last semester) (attended COC previously, but not last semester)
(high school student) (first term at COC; previously attended another college  
11. What is the academic goal(s) that you would like to achieve? (Mark all that apply)
(BA, BS, etc.)
(MA, MA, etc.)
(AA,AS) (PhD., MD, JD, etc.)
12. What is the highest degree you have obtained?
(in process) (BA, BS, etc.)
(MA, MA, etc.)  
(AA,AS) (PhD., MD, JD, etc.)